We have incredible talent at the aRt & HOME Studio.  Be sure to check back often as some artists are only here for a month!


Colour and the environment are key components which fuel my artistic expression. The changing seasonal palettes are fertile artistic ground. Colour often creates an emotional response in both the artist and the viewer. The lush spring greens, the hot yellows and pinks of summer, the rich opulence of autumn and the crisp clear whites of winter all contribute to my need to paint. These changing colours often reflect my own physical, emotional and spiritual moods. The seasonal kaleidoscope allows me to enjoy the moment while anticipating the approach of change. The seasons are such a vital part of Canadian life and in a metaphorical sense are symbolic of our own life cycle. Each season brings vibrancy and meaning into both my personal and painting experience.




Catherine was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1958. Her family relocated when she was 2 years old to the tiny gold mining community of Red Lake, Ontario. Red Lake is located in the beautiful wilds of the northern boreal forest. She enjoyed a childhood of exploring and taking in what the amazing Northwest Ontario had to offer with her two siblings.

As a child, Catherine was attracted to the creative arts and began working with various genres. She had some success selling pencil crayon paintings of birds and butterflies as a young adult and also worked in pastels, acrylics on burlap and canvas creating abstract creatures such as dragons and slugs.

She was impressed by the Indigenous style of representing nature and telling a story in a painting. Catherine produced a series of work in her own style of animal paintings and had some success in sales.

She began abstract painting in acrylics and had one piece called “Amazed” which was an intricately patterned puzzle piece; accepted into a juried international art show and competition in Vancouver in 2000.

Catherine then began “stories” about the human condition in acrylics. One was titled “Through the Veil” which depicted an old stooped man being supported and helped to walk through the veil of death into the spirit realm.  She continued to experiment with styles and subjects while working full-time in bookkeeping and accounting for over 30 years. Currently she resides in Orillia, Ontario and is enjoying exploring the dirty pour acrylics technique.


Cheryl was born in Sault Ste Marie and currently resides in Orillia.
Family, friends and volunteering are a constant source of joy! A passion for music, books, design and cooking for others fills her time.
Upon retirement, Cheryl pursued a mixed media book binding course at Fleming College. There she met the Artist / Mentor who would inspire her.
Artistic endeavours have always been a coping strategy for this lady whose constant companions for forty five years have been anxiety, obsessive compulsivity and chronic depression.
Creating one of a kind Books helps to relieve the mind of one whose thoughts and ideas relentlessly pursue her every moment!
The 2018 International Women’s Art Show in Orillia was her first foray into public display.

Christina Harwick

Originally from Newmarket, Christina has always had a passion and appreciation for all forms of art and music.  She took art through high school and continued her love of Fine Arts throughout the years as a self taught artist. Christina has called Orillia home for many years and would visit the parks camping as a child.  She has participated in local art events such as Art Meets History, Maple Master

pieces/Streets Alive, Women's Art Show Exhibit and Woods End Studio Tour.  Christina is hugely inspired by her two children, exploring the outdoors, wildlife and music.  She works with wire as her prominent form which requires a level of manual dexterity and her sculptures are of life like proportion as well as abstract.  Christina creates her sculptures in celebration of life and love.  Her intention for creating is to make you smile and wonder, and to touch as  many minds and hearts as she can reach.

Debra Wilde

Debra is inspired by the vibrancy and richness of nature's colours. By engaging the viewers sense of contemplation and imagination, she creates original pieces that vibrate with colour and energy.

Greg James Tompson

Greg purchased his first DSLR camera in 2013 and soon realized that he had an eye for landscape photography. After a couple of years of being a hobbyist and making a few sales, Greg decided he would like to pursue it as a career. In 2016, shortly after the passing of his father, Greg decided to leave Muskoka after 18 years and move to his hometown of Orillia. In fall of that year Greg retired from his high income, high stress job and pursue a creative life. Partnering with a prominent Orillia artist, the shared studio/gallery *Suite 204* opened in October 2016. At the time Greg was still only a landscape photographer, trying to sell fine art prints. Then one day a friend asked him to do a fitness/personal branding portrait shoot and he agreed. Soon after the images hit social media others were booking him for portraits. But in late 2017 the starving artist syndrome hit, and the doors of Suite 204 closed.

Today, Greg’s photos and style are getting noticed world-wide. His landscape shots have evolved and he has become an expert at long exposure photography. His portrait work is in demand and many of his images get used for marketing campaigns. He is also branching out into videography, making YouTube tutorials and creating other digital content. He recently sold his house and bought an RV with the plan of starting over and exploring, taking pictures along the way. Go to to learn more.

Loretta Degroot

Loretta’s work is a Mix & Mess between contemporary and realistic art, each piece with a story to tell.  For the past 20 years, she has worked as an Anaplastologist making facial prosthetics, and also as a Medical illustrator for the scientific and medical world.  Through her work she has been able to combine her interest in art, prosthetics, education, communication, and the outdoors.  She also works to help direct attention to the preservation of nature and promotes social peace. Her favorite Hashtags:  #acceptance, #peace, #caring, #respect, #family, #naturespride, #friendship, #livewithnature, #justbehappy.

Her educational background includes training in fine art, technical and medical illustration.  Loretta holds a bachelor of science degree in biomedical communications from the university of Toronto, and has enjoyed her years at Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology. 

Her passion to solve problems and to help humanity is what drives her.  She loves challenges, and is grateful for every smile along the way. Just Be Happy!“There are many little ways in which it's possible to sanctify mother nature all you need is an idea and a bit of colour.  So, take this day out of it's groove before you let it go, Paint It! “ ©️Loretta 




After more than 30 years as a hair stylist, Raune-lea closed her business in Peterborough and retired to Orillia, Ontario with her new husband. Seeking an outlet for her natural creativity, she pursued and excelled at a variety of craft-work, but it wasn’t until she picked up a drawing pencil and then paintbrush that she discovered her true passion and talent.

Her art displays an astonishingly nuanced and mature ability despite the remarkably short period of time that she has been painting. Exploring a variety of subject matter – from landscapes, rural scenes, flora and fauna – Raune-lea uses her experience with colour, light and proportion to great effect. Her paintings have a great sense of place and time – truly capturing the mood of the subject, always evoking an emotional response.

Currently working with acrylics, with paintbrush and palette knife, Raune-lea looks forward to experimenting with a variety of styles and paint media as she progresses in her art. With a long list of subject matter that she wants to pursue, there will be no reduction in her prolific output. But she has welcomed commissions from landscapes to pet portraits.

We look forward to seeing what her incredible natural talent will produce over the coming years.

Robyn rennie

For me, making art is like writing a story; it makes order out of chaos. It also underscores the importance that recording impressions and events have to our collective experience. We operate within stories in order to understand our world and our place in it. Creative expression allows me to articulate what I experience as well as provide opportunities to unite with others. While what viewers take away from “reading” my work will be personal and pertinent to them, it is our shared experience that has the most value. Art has such capacity to move people. I am never more thrilled (and humbled) than when the nervous energy I feel during the process of creating is replaced by the awe that I have somehow tapped into the notion of the sacred.

 Despite many side trips over the years into oils, pastels, egg tempera, and textiles, I always return to acrylic paints. I often use a monochromatic palette. I love iridescent and metallic paints for expressing the ephemeral quality of an experience; even the slightest shift in point of view changes the image’s appearance. The play between light and colour in these paints is like multi-faceted layers to truth and how opinion can change with the disclosure of new information. I never tire of being able to represent more than one point of view!

 I suffered a life-changing vision loss in 2005 which has changed how I experience the world. But while I continue to choose my subject matter from the natural world, visual impairment has freed me from my former style of highly-detailed expression. While I use the same medium and grounds, I now employ them to subvert popular assumptions about sight. One common stereotype about vision loss is that it results in more acute hearing, but in reality sight merely allows the brain to filter background noise so that we can attend to something specific. My abstract works challenge what we see by evoking other senses: For example, I want the viewer to be able to visually experience what we rationally know about colours by thinking about how they might taste, smell, sound, or, feel. I hope to impart that seeing beyond vision can open the door to understanding that so much of what we assume to be true is open to interpretation.

 Just like a story. 


Stephanie Stanton, is a Canadian Abstract Expressionist; working on large canvas in acrylic paint and heavy gel mediums.  Stephanie explores her relationship with the colours of the sky and other natural surroundings as a main source of her inspiration.  Her intense zest for life drives her emotional experience of painting.  Her use of layers, technique and colour interaction depict her relationship with the process of creating each piece.   She is an active member of the growing art community in Orillia and surrounding area.  Owner/Operator of aRt & HOME Studio, Stephanie 's goal is share the many local talents with all the visitors to Orillia, to enhance the community of artists by sharing a great space.  Stephanie is a mother of 4 amazing children and a partner to her best friend.

Tammy Henry