We have incredible talent at the aRt & HOME Studio.  Be sure to check back often as some artists are only here for a month!

Adam Cooper

Local to the area, Adam has had a creative start, son of an accomplished local landscape artist, he celebrates art in its many forms.  Adam plays guitar for the very talented band Rellikdog a local heavy metal band.  His artistic energy is present in his abstract renditions of landscapes.  His true talent is in his shadowed protraits.  Be sure to check him out next time you are at the gallery.

Anitta Hamming

Trying to describe or explain my painting and photography seems like a futile endeavor. After all, I want the images to express themselves without the necessity of words.

All of my work explores my personal experience of my surroundings, or in my commissions, the experiences of others.

I am always looking for its beauty, moods, spirituality, and metaphors. I seek to emphasize rhythms, lines, patterns and colours to express my connection to the everyday world around me. The energy of a place and its emotional vibrations are always important to me. My best hope is that the images stand simply on their own, and find similar connections in the viewer where words fail.


Colour and the environment are key components which fuel my artistic expression. The changing seasonal palettes are fertile artistic ground. Colour often creates an emotional response in both the artist and the viewer. The lush spring greens, the hot yellows and pinks of summer, the rich opulence of autumn and the crisp clear whites of winter all contribute to my need to paint. These changing colours often reflect my own physical, emotional and spiritual moods. The seasonal kaleidoscope allows me to enjoy the moment while anticipating the approach of change. The seasons are such a vital part of Canadian life and in a metaphorical sense are symbolic of our own life cycle. Each season brings vibrancy and meaning into both my personal and painting experience.




Debra is inspired by the vibrancy and richness of nature's colours. By engaging the viewers sense of contemplation and imagination, she creates original pieces that vibrate with colour and energy.


​Originally from the  Lake Helen Reserve, Makoe now resides in Orillia and has been for the past twenty years.

Only recently (2015) re-established his artistic endeavors which began in 1967 and did so sporadically over the ensuing years. With the advent of time and age the art hopes to reflect the marriage of the archaic and the abstract to create a new and different set of images.The artist works with various mediums, which include acrylics, encaustic and tile mosaics

Christina Harwick

Linda Plourde

Robyn rennie

Sylvia Tesori


Tammy Henry