We have incredible talent at the aRt & HOME Studio.  Be sure to check back often as some artists are only here for a month!

Bayside Artists

We had a common interest: creating fine art. We had a common passion: to transform this interest into a lucrative career. Casual conversations evolved into specific plans to organize ourselves into a committed group of local artists who would support each other as we focused on investigating the most effective means to market our art collectively…locally and beyond. United by our love of the creative process, we continue to exhibit our works in oils, acrylics, watercolours, and mixed media. The past eighteen months has seen our exhibitions at John B. Aird Gallery Toronto, Painter’s Hall, the Markham Theatre Gallery, Arabesque of Barrie, and Zephyr Gallery of Orillia. Our diverse group of nine, now known as the Bayside Artists, also maintains a rotating exhibition at Artistic Frameworks in Barrie and the Barrie Country Club, both venues which are open for the public’s enjoyment.

Patrons enjoy how Norma, Carmen and Pat capture their subjects with representational renderings, effective contrasts to Hala’s and Eileen’s large textured abstracts. MaryLynne spends many hours in the far North to bring back stunning images for her oil paintings of Icebergs and the northern landscape. Kate experiments with texture to create a surreal 3D effect with her abstract landscapes. A love of nature guides Margaret and Sheila, the latter producing large sunlight-drenched growing flowers, the former capturing moments in time in a homey, casual style.

While some of us are college graduates, others are continuing learners who regularly participate in workshops, seminars and week-long courses. Since art has been a passion with each of us since we were young, we are happy to have family support that is constant and unceasing…from helping to set up and tear down shows, to the spreading of news of upcoming exhibitions. A “never-give-up” attitude prevails, both inside and outside each of our homes.

Barbara Stofast & Nikki Sto

Two members of Inclinations Art Studio
Touches of nature, and an exploration of serendipitous beauty

Nikki Sto uses her art to evoke the feelings of a blissful rainy day, the serenity of raindrops running down a windowpane mixed with an appreciative awe for the beauty found in nature.

Barbara Stofast often incorporates found materials from nature into her work, with the intent to engage the eye and make your fingers itch to explore the highly textured surfaces. Her work transports the inspiration of nature into indoor spaces. 

Facebook: @bstofast 


Colour and the environment are key components which fuel my artistic expression. The changing seasonal palettes are fertile artistic ground. Colour often creates an emotional response in both the artist and the viewer. The lush spring greens, the hot yellows and pinks of summer, the rich opulence of autumn and the crisp clear whites of winter all contribute to my need to paint. These changing colours often reflect my own physical, emotional and spiritual moods. The seasonal kaleidoscope allows me to enjoy the moment while anticipating the approach of change. The seasons are such a vital part of Canadian life and in a metaphorical sense are symbolic of our own life cycle. Each season brings vibrancy and meaning into both my personal and painting experience.




Catherine's style combines realism with abstract thought, to create vibrant and harmonious flowing paintings.  With encouragement from family and friends Catherine 
attended Georgian College in the late 80's to receive formal training in fine arts. 
After graduation she began a full time career in the graphic arts and the print industry. Through 1990-2000 she also began PetPrints. Creating paintings and sketches of commissioned pet portraits.  Always craving more freedom of muse,  she began experimentation in different mediums and pushing their boundaries of combination.  Her plein air work is almost exclusively oil, while her studio work is continuously evolving with texture and line. She works in mainly traditional & water-based oils, acrylic and coloured inks. 

Her painting style is inspired by Post Impressionism and the Group of Seven, early works.
Her work is can be found in private collections across Canada, the United States, the Netherlands & England.  It is also regularly part of various local shows, galleries and events across Ontario.


Cheryl was born in Sault Ste Marie and currently resides in Orillia.
Family, friends and volunteering are a constant source of joy! A passion for music, books, design and cooking for others fills her time.
Upon retirement, Cheryl pursued a mixed media book binding course at Fleming College. There she met the Artist / Mentor who would inspire her.
Artistic endeavours have always been a coping strategy for this lady whose constant companions for forty five years have been anxiety, obsessive compulsivity and chronic depression.
Creating one of a kind Books helps to relieve the mind of one whose thoughts and ideas relentlessly pursue her every moment!
The 2018 International Women’s Art Show in Orillia was her first foray into public display.

Christina Harwick

Originally from Newmarket, Christina has always had a passion and appreciation for all forms of art and music.  She took art through high school and continued her love of Fine Arts throughout the years as a self taught artist. Christina has called Orillia home for many years and would visit the parks camping as a child.  She has participated in local art events such as Art Meets History, Maple Master

pieces/Streets Alive, Women's Art Show Exhibit and Woods End Studio Tour.  Christina is hugely inspired by her two children, exploring the outdoors, wildlife and music.  She works with wire as her prominent form which requires a level of manual dexterity and her sculptures are of life like proportion as well as abstract.  Christina creates her sculptures in celebration of life and love.  Her intention for creating is to make you smile and wonder, and to touch as  many minds and hearts as she can reach.

Debra Wilde

Debra is inspired by the vibrancy and richness of nature's colours. By engaging the viewers sense of contemplation and imagination, she creates original pieces that vibrate with colour and energy.

Louise St Amour

Louise is a self-taught artist who began painting shortly after her retirement.  Her multi-media paintings are inspired by her nature photography.  

Ongoing formal training is enhanced Louise's love of art, which she believes was inherited from her father who painted portraits in oils.

Louise lives in Ramara Township and is a member of OFAA and BAC.  Her art has been displayed in Toronto at Cobalt Gallery, in severa; Orillia venues, aRt & Home Studio and Barrie Art Club gallery.


Marie Jose VanDERLANGERijt

Pauline Tofflemire 

Pauline started painting in oils in the early seventies and later began watercolour. She is mostly self taught, although she has attended workshops with various artists in Northern and Southern Ontario. Pauline attended the LaCloche Country Art School in Whitefish Falls, Ontario every summer for twenty years.

Pauline is a retired Funeral Director. She and her husband, Bill. retired to Manitoulin Island in 2001 and recently moved to Orillia.

For the last five years she has taught watercolour and oil workshops and enjoys the camaraderie and watching her students develop their talents.

Everyone has creative abilities. They just need to practice them, let them loose, and enjoy the ride.

ROB Henderson

Born along the south shores of Lake Simcoe and raised in Toronto, Rob has returned to his roots after spending most of his adult life in the Elliot Lake area. Living in the north has given him an appreciation of the great outdoors and nature. 

Retiring in Orillia from careers as a geologist and a financial advisor.  Always an avid self taught photographer, his passion for the outdoors and travel is evident in his work. Photos of wildlife, nature and landscapes usually focus on simplifying the image and reducing clutter to concentrate on the subject. Years of world travel to Africa, Europe, the Far East and the Middle East have all helped shape his style. 

Artwork hangs in several local galleries as well as Bay Street offices and  private homes in the US and Canada. 


Stephanie Stanton, is a Canadian Abstract Expressionist.  Formally taught at York University completing her B.F.A, with a focus in Studio Painting, Art History and Marketing.  Stephanie works on large canvas in acrylic paint and heavy gel mediums.  Stephanie explores her relationship with the colours of the sky and other natural surroundings as a main source of her inspiration.  Her intense zest for life drives her emotional experience of painting.  Her use of layers, technique and colour interaction depict her relationship with the process of creating each piece.   Her work is displayed in several private collections across Canada, as well as in her own gallery and other venues throughout Orillia.

She is an active member of the growing art community in Orillia and surrounding area.  Serving on several Boards and committees; including Starry Night Planning Committee, Orillia's Art in Public Places Committee; Orillia Museum of Art and History and Huronia Cultural Campus.  Stephanie also runs an annual Art Show in Washago; Art on the Severn, showcasing local art in the Centennial Park each July.

She is the Owner/Operator of aRt & HOME Studio, Stephanie 's goal is share the many local talents with all the visitors to Orillia, to enhance the community of artists by sharing a great space.  Stephanie is a mother of 4 amazing ​children and a partner to her best friend.